Nottingham Catenians

Our values




As a diverse group of Catholic men from many walks of life and backgrounds, our friendship is rooted in a shared Christian faith.

We come from more than a dozen Parishes across Nottingham and its suburbs. Many of us are active in parish community life and in support of the clergy.

The Catenian Association is open to all Catholic laymen over the age of eighteen, regardless of nationality, race, marital status or occupation.

The happiness and well being of our wives and of our families are of central importance to us.

Through their inclusion in all our varied social events, they are able to form their own close and lasting friendships.

The concern and support we give to our own families extend to the community and young people more widely.

Being a Catenian offers lasting friendship and support to Catholic men, whether married or single, at all stages of their lives.

Our meetings and events provide a cheerful, relaxed environment where friendships can grow and flourish.

If a Catenian or his family encounter difficulty or setbacks, other members, wives, and the Association itself will be there to support and provide help.

Why are we called Catenians?

The Latin word for chain is ‘Catena’ and Catenians are links in a chain of friendship across the world

Find out more about us

If you are interested in finding out more about Catenians and the local Nottingham Circle, then you might like to join us, as our guest, for a meal, after one of our monthly meeting. Following this, there would be no obligation to take your interest further, so please get in touch with us by using our Contact Form.