Nottingham Catenians News February 2022

Annual Clergy Night

On Thursday 3rd February his year we returned to being able to host our local clergy and other guests at this annual event after being prevented from holding it last year because of the pandemic.

At the Cottage Hotel Ruddington Nottingham Catenians were joined by twenty five guests including seven clergy, our ladies and other visitors. Sadly, our invited guest of honour, Bishop Patrick McKinney, was prevented from attending by unexpected circumstances. In his absence, his secretary Rev. Simon Gillespie replied to our President’s toast to the guests.

President’s Table

February Pub Lunch

A group of twenty of us gathered for this month’s Pub Lunch, which took place on Thursday 10th February at the Radcliffe in Radcliffe-on-Trent. As anticipated, our journey was fully rewarded by the excellent meal and service.

At the Radcliffe