Who we are

Nottingham Catenians are a local group of like-minded and proudly Catholic laymen. We have varied backgrounds but the common purpose of developing lasting friendships based on shared faith and values.  Our aim is to provide a supportive social network, not only for members but also for our wives and families.  We have a monthly meeting, eat together and enjoy each other’s company.  Additionally there is a varied and frequent programme of social events.  As a group and individually we are active in the community and in supporting the Church and clergy, those who are disadvantaged, as well as young people in their development.

What defines us as Catenians are three core elements


In our working and everyday lives as Catholics we often find that those around us do not share all our values and beliefs. In these circumstances the spiritual dimension of our lives may be repressed. In obvious and sometimes in more subtle ways this is not the case when we meet as Catenians. It may be in saying grace when we come together for a meal or in remembering in prayer a deceased Catenian friend.


The involvement of our wives and families in social events and activities not only allows them to share in these enjoyable occasions but often provides the opportunity to create their own wider friendships. Wives do not need to be Catholics to be involved in all these respects. Another important aspect is the involvement of widows of deceased Catenians by continuing to invite them to social events and by keeping in touch with them especially if they become infirm.

We understand the idea of family in a wider sense also, particularly in the way we aim to support young people generally. This includes providing financial support to help their development and build confidence, whether this involves their participation in activities like performance of music, speaking in public or in altruistic projects helping others.

Although we are not primarily a fund raising organisation each year we raise money for a particularly good cause. This year we have a project to help to provide support for families of needy children in inner-city primary schools. In previous years the targets have included: Inter Care (providing medical aid for Africa), The Friary and Emmanuel House (support centres for the homeless and vulnerable), and Aid to the Church in Need (aid to oppressed Christians abroad).


As a Catenian you will be able to find friendship at any stage of your adult life.

If you are busy in your career and perhaps providing for a growing family the Circle and the Association provide a network of like-minded people who share your faith and values. If you have to travel, spend time away from home or have to relocate, you would find a ready- made group of friends ready to welcome you.

Later in life you may find that the family has left home and moved away. Being a Catenian will help to fill this void with regular contact with new activities and fellowship with other members and their wives. Later still you may want to relocate to be close to distant sons, daughters and grandchildren possibly. With new Catenian friends settling into your new surroundings will be that much easier.

Should you suffer bereavement, you can be sure of understanding and support. Very likely others will have had the same experience. Whether you are a member, or a wife of a deceased member, you do not need to suffer loneliness in adjusting to another stage of your life.

New Catholics

Many Catholics are themselves often fairly new to the Church. This step may well have required courage and may even have caused a negative impact on their friendships and relationships. Being a Catenian in these circumstances offers immediate and lasting support of brother Catenians and their wives. As well as the spiritual support that helps to ease the path on our spiritual journey.

Finding out more about us

If you are interested in finding out more about Catenians and the local Nottingham Circle, then you might like to join us, as our guest, for a meal, after one of our monthly meeting. Following this, there would be no obligation to take your interest further, so please get in touch by by clicking the link below or by using our Contact.

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